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Your 'Action with Love' Ambassadors, Friday 15th May 2020


Our 'Action with Love' Ambassadors, Friday May 15th

Our 'Action with Love' Day on Friday 15th May is completely NEW! And for those of you who can attend you can enjoy the whole 3 day event and become even more  involved actively! You can join the one day or combine with the two day conference.

What is the 'Action with Love' Day about?

  • It stems from calls to action from our animals that many people have been receiving, a cry for Help.
  • It is extremely interactive with our Ambassadors sharing techniques, knowledge, 'how to' and actively being involved with You, the delegate. Less speaking and more interactive , hands on, workshop style short sessions.
  • Ambassadors will be giving you the information and skills to empower and enable you to help yourself more, other people more and of course our animals.
  • These sessions will be backed with lots of useful information in the form of downloads and stacks of information and with some-after the event.
  • Everything is designed to get YOU involved so that you can become more active in helping where best suits you.
  • The day will finish with Break out smaller groups and PROJECTS. This will be very flexible and will enable several things to happen:
  • Simply to collaborate and pool all our wealth of vast resources more.
  • GIVING-and our Ambassadors have excelled themselves with giving free downloads, audios & even a Free hard copy Book!
  • It is NOT about 'What's in it for Me'? - Its about how to help self and then we can help our animals more. It starts with us first, then we can truly help animals.
  • It is about creating a Community-that community is built on Love, Compassion, Kindness for all Living Things.
  • Then....extend that Community and share with everyone we meet..'pass it on' 
  • We can only create that Community if You get involved....then stay involved wherever you can even if you have only a little bit of time.
  • So we aim to FOLLOW UP after the event as much as we can with projects, learning, 'doing' , acts of kindness for all-the list is endless how we can follow up on this day!
  1. ​If YOU have a Project they need help or support with can share their ideas. If it interests you then you can get involved with it.
  2. YOU may want to start a Project and need support, help etc-we aim to help with that
  3. YOU can during these Breakout sessions give or come up with any ideas and we will see how we can help you formulate these. 
  4. Connecting people through contacts etc to form collaborations
  5. Offering FREE RESOURCES where the website 'Action with Love'  is just being formulated and designed so please bookmark as it will develop over time.

More about our PROJECTS here which will grow over time.

Our Ambassadors for the inaugural 'Action with Love' Day on Friday May 15th 2020 are:

  • Madison King, Spain. Keynote.'STRANGE FLOWS - the ultimate energy trouble-shooters' with accompanying Free download Book.
  • Elizabeth Whiter, UK. Keynote.'Practical Demonstration of Making a Culinary Herb Infused in Sunflower Oil for your Animal Friends' Free Audio Meditation.
  • Ellie Laks, USA. VIP Gala Dinner Speaker, Conference Speaker & Ambassador with ;Action with Love' assisting Marie with the Projects and closing the day with a Meditation entitled ' Manifesting a Gentle World'
  • Dr.Bradley Nelson, DC, USA. ' Introduction to the Emotion Code' with Free Flowcharts
  • Marie Holliday, Spain. Founder, Organiser & Speaker.'Tapping in Action for You & Your Animal' including the Surrogate Energy Exchange Photo Technique with accompanying FREE EFT & Animals and Audio Downloads.
  • Caroline Thomas, UK.'Action with Flowers ' and this day only includes a FREE Hardback Book Gifted on the day entitled ' Crystal Healing 4 Dogs'  & additionally, a Mini Bachs Essences Manual
  • Jo Huntsman, UK.Energy Medicine Healing Cards in Action. Plus accompanying FREE Download Package!'
  • Mathilde Denning, Netherlands.'The Intuitive Animal Guardian: Listen to them Speak' with complimentary exclusive 30 minute You Tube Video.
  • Clare Metcalf, UK.' Find Wisdom in the Trees'. Clare has multi - modalities and has gifted '10 Secrets of Animal Communication' download.
  • PROJECTS - If you wish to participate in this we would love your ideas, input, involvement-or just curious? At the end of the day, we will organise small Breakout sessions for ideas to help animals, community, environment etc etc which you can be actively involved in and we re-convene to collate these ideas collectively to aim to follow up. Bring your Project with you...or Create a Project. See more here.​

All Free Bonus Gifts please view here.

'Action with Love' is an action packed day with many workshop style sessions with our Ambassadors.

A couple of Ambassadors would like you bring just a few simple items with you to enable you to fully participate in the event. This isn't mandatory as you have the option to be involved as much or as little as you wish. The items can be viewed here where there is a List you can also Download for ease.