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Brian T Collins, Canada. Keynote Speaker


' The Hidden Healing Power of Sound '

The Conference is delighted to announce that we have managed finally, to secure Brian T Collins as a Keynote Speaker from Canada after many years of communicating about the event.

Brian T Collins comes from a 30 year diverse background of innovations consulting, Mindful Music Production for stress release and Sound Harmonic Healing which helps to release trauma and emotional wounding for animals and people.
He has worked with Horses, Dogs, Bear Cubs and many other pets.
His private one on one coaching program called Reframe Reality offers is effective to release emotional wounding and behaviours that hinders a persons life path. This is a unique service that frees emotional energy blockages to improve and innovate the quality of life for Animals and People.
He uses a special designed custom built instrument called a Therachord along with his own intuitive gifts and skill sets to help release trauma.
in 2015 Two scientists contacted Brian to confirm his unified field hypothesis of soliton/phonon coherent natural frequencies for healing though sound frequency. 
Brian has an honourable mention as a credible source for PhD study by Dr. Coreen Morsink whom attained her PhD through Goldsmiths University of London.

Brian is well versed in many topics of sound frequency, ancient sites, earth energy, mindful music composition, health and wellness and has innovated and improved the efficacy of formulations for international companies that provide ethical plant based products.

He currently offers EMF consulting on how to protect animals and families from the dangers of high frequency EMF/radiation exposure. He is the Founder and Co-partner of PROTEK EMF™ a company dedicated to protecting the wellness of families and communities in Vancouver BC Canada.

Brian is available for workshops, retreats, online sound healing sessions and consults on a wide innovative range on these subjects.

Brians' Presentation:  'The Hidden Healing Power of Sound' - 'Releasing Animal Trauma & PTSD using Sound Vibration'

Brian will be speaking on the 'hidden' healing power of sound and how trauma and PTSD can be released from an animal using sound vibration. Brian uses a Theracord Instrument and will be demonstrating with his Theracord. 

During his presentation, Brian will give a live demonstration, for example where he can help a 'nervous' dog and also give a sample to someone on the audience so they can describe the feelings of releasing.

Please join Brian on Facebook -Sound Harmonic Healing and his new website is being launched in September so please bookmark and come back to look in for more information on him.

However, there is a  beautiful video below with a sick bear cub that will highlight just some of his work with the Theracord.

Brian T Collins and a very sick bear cub