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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Dr Bradley Nelson, USA. Keynote Speaker

The Emotion Code and The Body Code

Dr Bradley Nelson is one of our most eminent Keynote Speakers from USA who is speaking about his world famous healing codes, namely 'The Emotion Code' and ' The Body Code' whose techniques are developed to release trapped emotions in the body and are equally as effective with animals.

Dr Bradley has been our generous Keynote Speaker previously via Skype and we persuaded him to join us in 2018. Dr Bradley is a very popular Keynote Speaker whom we are truly honoured to have join us who is very caring and very generous of his time, knowledge and expertise.

He previously worked with our some of our furry delegates via Skype with his healing codes and he is delighted to offer this in person with live demonstrations from the audience.

Dr Bradley believes that it all began for him as a 13 year old, diagnosed with kidney disease where at the hospital the Doctors told him there was no treatment for what he had and not to run or play too hard as it could be dangerous and the disease was potentially fatal. His parents decided to try an alternative and took him to see a couple of Osteopathic Doctors and within a few weeks he felt much better and much less severe pain.

From then on Bradley's life took a huge and fascinating turn and you are welcome to read about this on his own website.

Also feel free to join Dr Brad on his Facebook page.