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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Dr Thornton Streeter,UK. Keynote Speaker

Exploring the biofields of healing animals and animals receiving healing.

World renowned Keynote Speaker, the eminent Dr Thornton Streeter has kindly agreed to return to the 2018 Conference following the unforgettable presentations and 'live' demonstrations at the 2017 Conference.

The cutting edge work they showcase with the Biofield Imaging simply amazed our delegates at the 2017 event. Dr Thornton is committed to following up this ground - breaking work with animals and is excited to be joining us again.

The conference in 2017 was inundated with requests to have themselves and/or their dogs demonstrate on the biofield imaging and Thornton didn't disappoint giving generously of his time.

He intends the same for 2018 with lots of 'live' demonstrations again and lots of follow up to his work throughout the year. 

Here are two information brochures where you can read more about Biofield imaging and the diversity from Chakras, 3D to Human/Animal imaging. Download 1 and Download 2

Dr Thornton is Representative for AISBBS in special consultative status with The United Nations ECOSOC and special advisor to the ICNM, the UK's leading authority on Complementary and Natural Medicine.

Dr Thornton is Director of the Centre for Biofield Sciences.

More information can be found on The Centre for Biofield Sciences website here.