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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Jason A. Turner, South Africa. VIP Gala Dinner Speaker

JASON A. TURNER is our charismatic and truly inspirational VIP Gala Dinner Speaker for the Saturday evening gala event. Jason is helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary with his fascinating pre - dinner speech, followed by a 3 course meal and then our evening entertainment with dancing & DJ. More about the gala dinner night here.
Specialist lion ecologist, Jason A.Turner (MSc Wildlife Management) is Head of Operations for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, having dedicated his life over 2 decades to wildlife conservation research and management.

Jason A.Turner established the Global White Lion Protection Trust together with Linda Tucker in 2002.
In 2005 completed a 5 year predator-prey study, focused on determining the impact of lion predation on the large herbivore populations of the Timbavati region & Associated Private Nature Reserves, South Africa.
In 2004 initiated the ground-breaking project to rewild and study an integrated pride of white lions (tawny and white lions) within their natural habitat, within the Greater Timbavati Region (South Africa).
In 2008, Jason initiated and led the collaborative effort between geneticists from 7 countries including the UK, Korea, China, Namibia, South Africa, and the United States which successfully identified the Genetic Marker for the White Lions. The study involved research on Snow Leopards, Tigers, and the White Lions. 
The Genetic Marker is the "genetic code" that will enable the Global White Lion Protection Trust to continue it’s long-standing campaign to have the White Lions protected as a capstone animal, and critically important part of the biodiversity of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. Read more about the work the Trust and Jason here.

In 2015, published a scientific paper on White Lion predation techniques based on 2 decades of research, disproving commonly held misinformation about White Lions inability to hunt or survive in the wild. Read more about the paper here.

Jason's partner and colleague is Linda Tucker, CEO of The Global White Lion Trust, SA. Linda is one of our Keynote Speakers and full information on her presentation here