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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Kimberly Schipke,MS. USA. Keynote Speaker,

Biofield Tuning for Animals: The use of coherent sound for healing

Kimberly Schipke, MS is a Keynote Speaker joining us from USA. Everyone at the 2017 loved Kimberly Schipke,MS for her generous work in the 'live' demonstrations both with the delegates and their dogs. Her technique with the tuning forks left everyone wanting to understand and learn more about her use of them. She has very kindly and eagerly agreed to join us again for 2018. 

Kimberly Schipke,MS has a Masters in biomedical engineering with over six years of research experience in tissue engineering, cellular / tissue mechanobiology, and medical device design additionally to her Masters , she has a minors in Mathematics and Spanish. She has presented her work at the Biomedical Engineering Society, the Institute of Biological Engineers, Science and Non-Duality at the World Peace Centre in Pune, India, the California Institute for Human Sciences, and the Saude Quantum Conference 2011 and 2013 in Recife, Brazil.

She is co-founder and past-President of Bulldogs for Heart Health, a non-profit organization devoted to educating the youth in Mississippi about healthy food choices and exercise options in an effort to reduce childhood obesity. She has also worked as a compliance associate for an independent review board to oversee clinical research performed by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

She is adept in the rules and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Department for Health and Human Services, and she currently consults laboratories on how to raise their clinical research standards.She is a trainer in medical thermal imaging, Biofield Tuning and Biofield Viewer. Kimberly helps scientists develop protocols for quantifying subtle changes in electrical activity, light, sound and thermal energy on and around the body utilizing various technologies and techniques.

Kimberly is the International Resource Co ordinator for FAIM The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine. Read more about her role and articles here.