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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Leanna Milward,UK

Leanna Milward and The Healing Wisdom Of Animals
Leanna has always shared a passion for animals and in 2004 she founded 'Flying with Horses', a horse rescue centre where she teaches Equine Assisted Therapy, Horse Whispering, Equine Reiki & Animal Communication. Animals continue to be her greatest inspiration and she has dedicated her life to reconnecting people to animals and nature for personal transformational experiences.

Born in Zimbabwe and a deep love of Africa, living in Hampshire with her beautiful herd, Leanna has always enjoyed a natural bond with horses, her connection having deepened since studying with GaWaNi Ponyboy, a Cherokee Horse Whisperer throughout 2003. 

The Flying with Horses Herd

She established 'Flying with Horses' the following year after extensive training as well as rescuing and rehabilitating the 5 magnificent horses that are the centre of the Flying with Horses. The horses help people from all walks of life; those wishing to experience a closer connection to horses, theraputic experience with horses, or working professionally in theraputic horsemanship.

Leanna has had many articles published in UK magazines, as an expert in her own right and is trained in the following:

  • Native American Horsemanship
  • Equine assisted therapy                                                             
  • Horse Whispering & Rehabilitation
  • Equine & Canine Behaviour Specialist
  • Certified Kinesiologist & Usui Reiki
On her conference presentation, Leanna will be exploring how animals communicate with us and use their innate abilities to heal and teach us.
Leanna will be sharing some insights into how we can become more open to hearing the wisdom of animals, to help us connect with them, our selves nd nature more profoundly.
Read more about Leanna on her website ' Flying with Horses'  here.

Meet the stunningly beautiful 'Flying with Horses' herd