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Madison King, Spain. 'Action with Love Ambassador'. Keynote.


'STRANGE FLOWS - the Ultimate Energy Trouble-Shooters'

The Conference is absolutely delighted that Madison King from Spain, will be joining us at the Conference and the 'Action with Love' Day as a Keynote Speaker and an ' Action with Love' Ambassador on Friday 15th May. Madison is acclaimed worldwide for her workshops, books and energy techniques for humans and animals alike.

Many moons ago Madison was involved in the heart of London advertising, becoming a successful international board director. However, she realised, after a few ambition-fuelled years, that she wanted her life to take a different direction and shocked everyone by giving up the silly salary, BMW, Armani suits and Gucci briefcase, to become a student again.

She trained in massage, sports massage, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexology, trager method, nutrition, flower essences, radionics ..... A true workshop groupie, she proudly filled a wall with qualifications but could not find what she had been seeking; she couldn’t even really define it .... until, through divine synchronicity, she met Donna Eden (The Eden Method) in London through a mutual friend. Within no time at all, she was in Ashland, USA, Donna’s backyard with about four other students, eagerly learning about energy in some of Donna’s very first classes.

We all gravitate naturally towards specific parts of energy work and Madison has always had a key focus on animals as well as their guardians. Her very first ‘animal’ workshop was held in London in the Summer of 1998 and over the past 22 years she has taught energy medicine for animals around the world, supported by two books – one for dogs and another for cats.

She set up and runs the official European Eden Energy Medicine training for Donna Eden and heads the advanced training in the USA. She created and taught EEM for Animals in the USA. The 3 day class is now available online.  She runs retreats on the Isle of Wight and Southern Spain and in September 2019 will be launching her online study modules for all levels of expertise (human and animal companions) all supported by her ‘new and improved’ blog.

Madison is facilitating:' STRANGE FLOWS - the ultimate energy trouble-shooters':

In this 30 minute hands- on session, Madison will talk about and demonstrate the ancient flows of energy that go under many different names including The Strangeflows - these could be considered flows of 'intelligent' energies that can help:

  • Bring healing energy to anywhere in the body where it is needed - the ultimate 'troubleshooter'!
  • Any healing work you do penetrates deeper
  • The body regulates and adjusts to that work, be it reiki, acupuncture, energy work - the results integrate with greater ease
  • Open the energies between the key chakras
  • Connections throughout the body, be it head and heart or synapses
  • Adapt and cope with 'change' 
  • Re-discover the joy in life

Easy and quick to learn and you'll be tracing them in this session - use on yourself or your companion animal as a stand alone therapy or to support the therapy and self care of your choice. 
Madison will supply diagrams as an aide memoire for when you get home.

Madison can be contacted on:

Website re-launching in September 2019:

Facebook Pages: There is a closed group for animals where you request to join and you very welcome: EEM for animals and a public group for humans: MIDLIFE GODDESS

You can find Madison's books on Amazon here for Energy Medicine for your Dog, Energy Medicine for your Cat & Everyday Energy.