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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Michael Van Roon, The Netherlands, 'Your's You!'


Michael Van Roon holds his De Rodute practice for both humans and animals in Soest, The Netherlands.

Michael undertook his foundational training of veterinary medicine at The Groenhorst College, Barneveld and obtained his human naturopathic Bachelor Degree following extensive studies at the College of Humanities, Utrecht. 

His natural therapy practice is based on the fact that everything around us, including our bodies and those of (companion) animals is energy. The frequency of this energy gives shape to matter and makes us who/what we are. (Re-)Creating balance on the level of energy can be the ultimate way to treat a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

In addition to his natural manual approach, a biotensor (energetic measuring equipment) is used to look into the energy pattern.
To expand the efficiency of the treatment, De Rodute developed a concept to carry a personal combination of healing frequency liquids with you in a small bottle.

Michael is an author of the book: ‘Your's You|!’ which is currently written in Dutch.
He looks at the resemblance of challenges both human and animal counterparts get in their lives.

In 2016, Michael put the finishing touches on his book about the Zoöenergetica: "The science of energetic connections between people and animals." A practical guide for reading the connection with your animal. The original inspiration for which he found in his own animals, highlighted by experiences with treatments for the Rodute. Click here  to read more about Michael. 

You can also join Michael on Facebook. where he has some great Videos of his work.

This practical guidance to ‘read’ the relationship between you and the animals that live with you, is being translated from Dutch to English and his goal is that it will be launched at the World Animal Energy Conference 2018.