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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Prof. Dr. Gina Kaestele, Germany. 'Healers of psyche, body, mind and soul: the four-legged teachers at work.'

We are honoured to welcome Professor. Dr. Gina Kaestele from Germany to the conference who will be speaking of 'Healers of  psyche, body, mind and soul: the four-legged teachers at work'. Professor Kaestele is a psychological psychotherapist  and the Founder of  the Institute Imago. Prof. Dr. Gina Kaestele, teaches in German, English, Spanish, and French and is a  professor at the university. She is delighted to teach her students the power of animal assisted interventions in theory and practice to the young students there, as she believes they are the ones who will change the attitude towards nature and animals in the future.

Professor Kaestele believes animals help us to live in the moment and to feel connected to the bigger picture in life. Nowadays animal assisted interventions are offered to broad target group and being in the company of animals has a healing effect on children and adults in difficult emotional states or life situations and being around animals then joy, gratitude and peace may be found.  Scientific efficacy studies prove that animals can change the brain rhythm and lead to the release of positive hormones which reduce stress and anxieties.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce certain techniques (imagery and mindfulness practices) which can be used offering counselling or psychological sessions to certain target groups. Noticing how an animal is breathing, listening to their heartbeat or inviting them to take us to an inner journey in their world, can enhance emotional well-being.

Presenter:  Prof. Dr. Gina Kästele, Germany, University of Applied Sciences (Branch: social work in Mönchengladbach). After having completed the White Lion Leadership Training with Linda Tucker, she decided to establish a project for students at her university where she is now teaching animal assisted interventions at university to students.

In addition Professor Kastele has built up a One-Year Study- Course for Professionals who want to gain a Certificate (ISAAT) and be specialised in animal assisted interventions.

Professor Kaestele is the Institute Manager at The Institute Imago which was founded in 2000 to offer advanced training in catathym-imaginative psychotherapy and guided imagery and music (GIM). This is the website link on guided imagery and music trainings here. Since 2015, the Institute Imago has also been offering workshops for personality development and after-work events in co-operation with guest lecturers.

Professor Kaestele is excited to join us and flying in especially from Germany to share this workshop experience with us.