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'Helping Rhinos' - Charity for 2020

We are delighted to announce that 'Helping Rhinos' is our UK Registered Charity No: 1175762  for 2020.

Donations from books, courses, DVDs, workshops and gifts are all welcomed and can be featured here or you can bring your gift along to the conference. 

Please contact Marie with your donation and you will receive a space on this page. Read more about Helping Rhinos here.

Marie Holliday, the Founder and Organiser from Spain is donating two raffle prizes on using "EFT With Animals"

  • Prize: learning to use EFT with Animals including 8 download ebooks and the value of the prize which excludes Skype tuition is 95 euro. More on the course here.


Donations Welcome


Your donation is important for Helping Rhinos

EFT & Animals