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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

VIP Gala Dinner Event Saturday 12th May 2018

Join us for a relaxing, fun evening of celebrations where you can mingle and meet with both speakers and delegates alike at this social yet informal event and help to celebrate our 5th Conference Anniversary.

We are excited to share that our VIP Gala Dinner Speaker for 2018 is the eminent Jason A. Tucker who is flying in from South Africa to speak at the gala dinner celebrations on the Saturday evening. 

Specialist lion ecologist, Jason Turner (MSc Wildlife Management) is Head of Operations for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, having dedicated his life for over 2 decades to wildlife conservation research and management and established the Global White Lion Protection Trust together with Linda Tucker in 2002.

Read more about Jason and his work with the white lions here.

Following Jason's presentation and our scrumptious 3 course meal including 2 glasses of wine, the evening celebrations continue and are hosted by Nick Babb who is our DJ for the evenings entertainment of relaxing and dancing through the night.

Nick is our  sound guy throughout the conference and comes highly recommended after his diligent and supportive help at the 2017 Conference at Ilkley where he is based and you can find him on Facebook here.

Our VIP Gala Dinner Menu  offers a selection to cover both Vegetarian and Vegan Options.

We offer a 3 course meal with 2 glasses of wine included with VIP Speaker and DJ/dancing.

The menu can be found here with vegetarian and vegan options and is downloadable.