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VIP Gala Dinner Event on Saturday May 16th 2020

Join us for a relaxing, fun evening of celebrations where you can mingle and meet with both speakers and delegates alike at this social yet informal event and help to celebrate our 7th Conference Anniversary.

Ellie Laks from The Gentle Barn, USA is our VIP Gala Dinner Speaker for the evening speaking about ' Heartwarming Tales from a Gentle Barnyard'.

Ellie will also be speaking both during the weekend conference on 'How Animals Taught me Everything' and as an Ambassador on the Action with Love day with her own beautiful personal meditation ' Manifesting a Gentle World'.

Our Gala Dinner VIP Speaker Ellie Laks, will be followed by a 3 Course Vegan Meal (menu below) with wine or orange and dancing with our very own DJ, Nick Babb.

Nick is our DJ for the evenings entertainment of relaxing and dancing through the night. Additionally, Nick is our  sound guy throughout the conference and  on Facebook here.

Our VIP Gala Dinner Menu  offers a selection of Options & all food is Vegan.

Download menu here.

Joining us for the VIP Gala night?

Then you can order your meal below:


  • Spiced Sweet Potato Soup & Fresh Bread Roll
  • Vegetable Terrine, Onion Chutney & Sourdough Bread



  • Butternut & Lentil Wellington, Roasted New Potatoes, Fine Beans & Carrots with Confit Tomato Sauce
  • Pea & Asparagus Risotto



  • Raspberry Frangipane Tart
  • Lemon Tart

NB:Included with the 3 Course Meal are 2 Glasses of Red or White Wine or Orange Juice.

Water is at the table.

All food is Vegan.

Name Plates available on the way in and sit where you wish. (No reservations.)

Dancing to DJ Nick Babb.

Pre – Dinner Speaker (30 minutes)

Meet in the Bar area for pre drinks from 6.30 pm onwards.

The menu is available in a download here.

If you have booked your tickets and not returned your Gala Dinner Choice then please do so on the drop down form below.

VIP Gala Dinner Menu