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Animal Energy World Conference 2022

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Marie Holliday, Founder, Organiser & Speaker


   Marie would like to share where the Conference was born and why this is such an important event that you are all a part of:

"I have worked for many years now with all types of animals (and people) and developed my own energy techniques. I have even had to overcome a great fear of horses using the same technique (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to present in public with them.

I am passionate about sharing energy techniques and the psychology of animals-all animals, marine and wildlife, birds, endangered and abandoned. I am as passionate about EFT as much as animals. EFT saved my life following a  brain haemorrhage over 15 years ago and has helped many people and animals over all those years.

My concept for the Conference came in March 2013 when teaching an EFT Course in Mallorca. On the Level 1 Course, part of these energy techniques is discussing a wonderful procedure called 'Personal Peace Procedure'.

This may sound too romantic and too idealistic but anyone who uses EFT can see how this is definitely more than a vision if everyone was using EFT for themselves and each other and  could see that World Peace is more than a possibility.

I had a profoundly life changing spiritual message which you can read about here.

The proverbial 'light bulb' moment happened following this deep and intense 'message' and instantly I realised that we would never have world peace if we cannot look after and care for our precious animals.This thought never left me and niggled away until I had the notion of this Conference and the concept was far greater than me.

 I could not do this alone and nor would I want to as there are so many people doing so many amazing things with our animals.This idea developed and culminated in my bringing together some of the top presenters and experts worldwide, in their own field with animals to share their knowledge, skills and love for our Animal World.

And as we are aware, Covid sadly interrupted the Animal Energy World Conference and it was cancelled in 2020. This coming year 2021, I decided not to cancel again but take the event online and bring it into your homes with your precious animal companions who can share with you. In its seventh year , we want to help raise awareness that there are many ways to help animals alongside our amazing vets.

This is not without it's technical learning  challenges yet I strive for us all meeting again and this is yet another learning curve for me and I really look forward to joining you all there, come what may!

With all my love and gratitude for your continuing loyalty and support. I am truly blessed to know you all, many are friends and there are so many that I have yet to meet."

Marie xx



Marie is a Master Trainer of Trainers EFT International & teaches EFT worldwide , now Online and teaches Animal Communication and EFT & Animals