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Animal Energy World Conference 2022

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Animal Energy World has a high presence on social media such as Facebook and there will be a community that may suit you from the sister groups. 

Animal Energy World Speaker & Delegate Community. Once you have paid for your delegate tickets or are an ex delegate, speaker then we have a dedicated Facebook page especially for you where there are special offers, be the first to know about upcoming speakers, news and much more here!

This group is a strictly members only group. Request to join here.

Next we have a supportive Animal Energy World Community where Monday is Marketing Monday and you can share your business news, websites, books, DVD , events, courses, charity and launches, voluntary work or help starting a new business with animals etc.Tuesday to Sunday we have discussions on  animal posts,healing,energy, articles, therapies and much more. Request to join this closed members group here.
We have a beautiful dedicated Facebook page for Animal Energy World Healing. This Community is a closed members group where members can post for their animal companions to request healing and in fact, even for themeslves who as a companions or constant carers often need this facility themself. It is a loving, compassionate and safe area. You do not have to be a healer or professionals ,you may have an interest only or would like to help animals more. Request to join here.
And of course we have an Animal Energy World Conference  Facebook page to keep you updated with all the latest news on speakers, tickets, venue etc
Please feel free to click like and it will keep you updated on all thats happening in the Conference.